What keeps you from changing?

The case of not wanting

Sometimes we stick to ideas of who we should be based on who others are.
This leads to dissatisfaction with our own state, even if deep down we may not strive for the other state at all. It is simply because of the definition of something which is bound to certain characteristics held for valid by society and thus by you. In such a case it is very obvious why it is more difficult for you to achieve what the other one has:

because you simply do not do it from the bottom of your heart.

With the realization that what we are striving for due to social training is not what makes us happy, the pressure can be released and suddenly we are at peace with not being what we do not want to be. The pressure drops. However, there is still work to be done. Because after we have realized this, we probably have to withstand thousands of voices which will try to convince us otherwise if you no longer move in line with the matrix. In fact, some will be unable to understand certain decisions, which can cause paths to seperate. The pain of letting go is part of the way and the payment is freedom and a life that really brings you joy, with people who are happy for your joy.

The case of avoiding

However, if the second scenario comes up, it is actually much more about the fact that you really want a different life, but something prevents you from doing so. Accordingly, due to wrong beliefs, not only can we strive for what we don’t want, it also keeps us from doing something that we would really like to do. We avoid doing something simply because we are afraid of failure, being hurt, not good enough or doing something wrong. All based on fear.

Here we have to make ourselves clear again and again, there will be no tingling in the body unless we do this bungy jump.

And when we strive for the tingling sensations in our body, we shouldn’t necessarily wait until we are old. Of course, we shouldn’t jump randomly from every bridge that comes our way, otherwise we won’t have enough capacity for those who really appeal to us. But we shouldn’t miss a single one that makes us the person we want to be.

The question of avoidance or unwillingness can be applied to every smallest area of ​​life:

Our bodies — do we really want to be fit and healthy or is the chocolate cake much more important to us and we’re just struggling because of the social pressure? Or maybe we really want to change but because of our negative attitude towards ourselves, we are immovable.

Once we have answered the above question comprehensively regarding a certain area, there is no longer any reason for having this unpleasant feeling of missing something out or living wrongly based on beliefs. Life is short. Life has a lot to offer. We shouldn’t run after things that don’t make us happy, as well as we shouldn’t miss out things we really strive for. Having an answer to the question above is a key requirement for a state of satisfied existing.



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Isi Bell

Isi Bell

Trying to put on paper what my soul offers. (GERMAN) HABITS/EGO/LIFE/SPIRITUALITY/LOVE/SELF