What are these chakras?

Our Body

1) Bioelectric functions. Nervous system, the five senses, conscious brain functions.

2) Biomagnetic functions. Influenced by the the reflex zones, the meridian system as well as by emotions and feelings: unconscious psychological-psychological functions

3) The chakras are concerned as the third area, the human energy system. It is seen as collectively unconscious.

What is the human energy system?

A person emits about 1000 watts. Since energy is not consumed but only converted, research was carried out on where this energy comes from. A third of it is generated by calorie consumption, the second third is obtained from the earth’s magnetic field. Based on simple mathematics, it is obvious that one third remained unexplained. Through refined Kirlian photography, energetic production points could be recognized, which underline the knowledge of the Indian chakra teaching.

What does Chakra mean?

As just mentioned, chakras are energy generation points. Chakra is a term from Sanskrit and means something like wheel. It is believed that there are seven main energy generation points that are located along the spine.
If certain chakras are blocked, there is an energetic loss, we feel tired, uncomfortable, which then also in long term affects the general mental and physical system.

How does blockage occur?

The main point in blocking our energy centers are subconscious attitudes, habits or general views of life that keep us from being free. We suppress certain areas of ourselves or take over social programming, which results in us creating an image of ourselves that is actually not our self.
As we practice this unfavourable way, our system constantly lacks energy.
Our body cannot keep up with restoration, performance, immune system, thinking ability and so on, which then leads to loss in the form of illness on the physical level.

Why do we work on the chakras?

Put simply, we are working on our level of consciousness. The higher this level, the more freely the flow of energy can take place in our body. Each individual chakra is assigned to a specific area of consciousness and a specific physical area.
By working through the different areas, we see step by step where we have established unhealthy behavior patterns and wrong beliefs have got stuck in our lives. So we gradually work on getting rid of what is stopping us from living out our greatest possible energy level and thus being able to live as healthy and happy as possible both psychologically and physically.

How do we work on the chakras?

Various practices can be used to harmonize the chakras and create the energy flow. This includes working with certain body exercises, breathing exercises, fragrances, mental exercises, meditations, new targeted rituals and other aspects that enhance a certain energy center. So it’s like an all-round package for every single chakra.

In summary, it can be said that whether you believe in energies or not, you are certainly aware that in some respects you would like to be more free in life than you are. So no matter if you consider chakras to be existent or not — by working with them you will be able to establish awareness of certain areas in your life which leads to increased well-being, more energy, more satisfaction and a better understanding of the body and the self.



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