Some things I understood so far // PART 3

If you don’t want to walk through life with an applied handbrake — deal with your resistance before you do anything else.

Your boundaries are welcomed by those who have strong and healthy boundaries of their own.

You don’t upgrade your outer world. You upgrade your inner world & the outer world will follow.

There is a space between right & wrong, between good and bad. That’s the place to be.

If your gut tells you something, be still and listen. Your body is much more intelligent than your mind. The mind only knows that which is in the past.

Just because something seems right to most of the people, it doesn’t mean that it is right for you.

In order to really live you have to become empty. The more empty you are of yourself, the more space you have for everything that is apart from your ego.

What is keeping us from experiencing life fully is our inner resistance & our expectations — again: become empty!



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Isi Bell

Isi Bell

Trying to put on paper what my soul offers. (GERMAN) HABITS/EGO/LIFE/SPIRITUALITY/LOVE/SELF