Some things I understood so far // PART 2

Isi Bell
2 min readMay 11, 2021


A birthday summary

Last year I started to write a birthday summary about the things I learned so far from live. So, this is the sequel. Not just for me, but for everyone who can find something for themselves in it. Because, as the big investment sharks say, you should investigate the learnings of other people, not to experience nothing yourself, but to be able to react better.

A good life means good relationships — relationships with your closest ones, relationships with the people you work with, and the relationship with yourself.

A good relationship doesn’t mean that everything is always pink and everyone stays in their comfort zone. A good relationship means honesty. To push each other, to get better, to cheer each other on. It means to be able to show yourself completely, in a state of love, despair, pain and happiness.

Like everything in life, relationships must be in balance — one side of the extreme narcissism; the other is codependency. Both are unhealthy. You have to see yourself but not only yourself. You have to see the other but not only the other. Joy can be found in balance.

The term love is often misunderstood; love has nothing to do with other people in itself. Love has something to do with yourself. If you are able to find your deeply seated love, then you are able to love almost everything — nature, people, your whole LIFE with its ups and downs, shadows and light.

You cannot change yourself by rejecting the part of you that you do not like. Let the dark side of you have a voice in a healthy way, because every suppression comes out of you in a different place at some point.

You become what you invest your time in, you are your energetic focus. Time is precious. Focus is valuable. Time and focus make you who you are.

Our sexual energy is the greatest we have. The more we let it flow, the more we feel the infinity of our life force. The more we let the life force flow through us, the more intensely we can experience life itself.

There is a whole world behind the rational world. It is in your body just as it is outside of your body. But through your body you can begin to explore it. Unlearn what you think you know in order to be open to everything you don’t know.

Lots of love from my 28 year old self xx



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